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Hi, I am Ian, the Silver Web EMMETT Technique therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and scar work practitioner. I am GHR, CNHC and FHT registered. 

Did you know some private and company health insurance schemes can cover all or part of your treatments with a CNHC and FHT registered practitioner, so it is worth checking?

The EMMETT Technique is a light touch therapy affecting the fascia below the skin.

Fascia is the network highway to the brain constantly adjusting signals to protect you and your body. Fascia adjusts the body without you even being aware, rebalancing you during daily activities. However, in doing so this can lead to tightening in other areas in the body and cause chronic pain by creating chemical imbalances and blockages in the lymphatic system.

I use EMMETT to release the fascia that, in turn, releases the muscles and rebalances the body. It is almost like a reset button and most clients tell me their pain reduces almost immediately and they have increased mobility.



I am also a McLoughlin scar tissue release practitioner. The fascia is seriously affected by scars as the network highway has effectively had its wires cut then been sewn together again. Whilst the body does its best to reconnect, we can end up with adhesions, reduced lymphatic and blood flow. This treatment is ideal for major surgery, e.g. hip replacement, caesarean and hysterectomy scars. 

Pain often causes stress and we may end up trapped in a circle of pain and more pain leading to stress and then depression, and so on.

I am also one of the only clinical hypnotherapists using the latest virtual reality therapies in Chesterfield, addressing your fears, phobias, ADHD etc.

I work out of The Silver Web Holistic Centre but can do home visits if you are unable to travel to the centre.

I hold one day courses teaching 11 self-help EMMETT technique moves for you to use on your family and friends. While the course is designed for non-therapists, therapists are welcome, and the course can be used as CPD (please see the course page).


Feel free to discuss your issues in confidence, call me on 07815 677227. I look forward to hearing from you. 





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