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Ayurvedic Massage (Full body)

Abhyanga is a classic full body treatment using lots of warm organic oil. It nourishes and de-stresses the body, stimulating marma points (pressure or energy points) helping improve energy flow and clearing stagnation throughout the body. This is a fully grounding treatment that pacifies the nervous system and is ideal for those who are feeling tense and are in need of relaxation, this treatment also helps those who are feeling sluggish and want to feel energised. Steamed towels are used at the end of the massage. Treatment lasts between 75 and 90 mins depending on venue.

1 hr 30 min £68 - £75


Indian head massage

It is known to bring about a feeling of relaxation, improve circulation to the scalp and can even improve alertness and concentration. Indian head massage can also help to relieve tension headaches, aid sleep,reduce neck and shoulder tension / stiffness, sinusitis and stress.

30 min £30




 Its benefits include:

• Improved circulation to the head and neck area therefore speeding up the interchange of oxygen, nutrients, carbon: dioxide and waste products

• Improved lymphatic drainage from the head and neck aiding the removal of waste products and toxins

• Relieves tension in muscle tissue

• Helps improve mobility in neck and shoulder region

• Relieves mental and physical strain and therefore improves concentration

• May help relieve tension headaches, eye strain and aid sleep




• May help to relieve sinusitis / congestion

• Can bring about a general feeling of calmness and relaxation

• Promotes higher levels of alertness and concentration


Bosko Joseph


Mobile – 07828138082

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