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"The Place Where People Just Get You !"

We are a thriving spiritual community in the heart of Clay Cross where we offer a friendly, relaxed, nurturing space for you to flourish in. Our centre is a place of empowerment and acceptance where our expertise and experience can help you achieve your goals. At our centre we offer holistic therapies, unique workshops and training from well established practitioners. We invite you to come along to soak up the energy, recharge, join in the fun and laughter, and share in the positive space with like minded people.


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Who are we and what do we do?



The Silver Web Holistic Centre was originally set up to hold healing shares. Since then, the centre has evolved and grown into so much more. Recently moving to our new renovated centre in the bustling, rejuvinated town of Clay Cross.

We have five dedicated therapy rooms and one large workshop room that can comfortably hold up to 20 people.













 Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is working hand in hand with the Angels on a deep level for relaxation and healing.


Aromatherapy Massage

Body massage with the added beneficial healing of aromatherapy oils. Each blend of oils is tailor made to suit your needs and the oils can stay in the body for up to 36 hours.


 Chakra Healing

Crystal chakra  balancing is laying with crystals on your body whilst receiving healing from their gentle energy.

Colour Reiki


Crystal Healing


Karuna® Reiki

Karuna® Reiki works on a deeper level, removing blockages therefore, allowing healing to begin.

Psychic Development


Soul Wisdom


Swedish Massage

A relaxing therapy which relaxes the muscles of the body  and can help ease aches and pains.

Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki was developed by Dr Usui, this is a gentle hands on healing energy that is based on love. It helps to bring well being to the whole self.



Note -  May 2021 

This area is currently under development.

Please check back later.



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  Hi I'm Jody from Healix Therapies, I'm part of the Silver Web Team.

My job is to help you to be the best version of yourself. Helping you realise your full potential and giving you the tools to help you continue to live at your best. When you work with me you are making an investment in yourself.

We can travel the path of self discovery and emotional awareness together through Usui Reiki, Colour Reiki or Drum & Mantra Reiki sessions. We can tailor make a session for your specific needs, set goals while working on emotional scarring through a Soul Wisdom session and i can help you understand yourself, what your strengths and gifts are and where change is needed through Numerology readings, Goddess Empowerment readings or Past Life readings.






 Hey, I’m Tami ‘The Crystal Diva’ of the Silver Web team. My role is to sprinkle shimmering sparkly crystal energy one person at a time.

I will help you to realise, where you are on your journey and how you move forward. Booking a session with me, you are investing in yourself, you are saying ‘I’m worth it’ ‘I matter’ and ‘I want more’

I will help you realise your dreams, put power behind your goals and help you set intentions. I will support you by reading your energy, reminding you how great you truly are. Sessions of Crystal Chakra Balancing, Colour Reiki, Usui, Karuna or Angelic Reiki can all be tailored to suit your needs, mixed and matched like a pic and mix for the soul.




Bosko  Nedunilam Joseph

Abhyanga is a classic full body treatment using lots of warm organic  oil. It nourishes and de-stresses the body, stimulating marma points (pressure or energy points) helping improve energy flow and clearing stagnation throughout the body. This is a fully grounding treatment that pacifies the nervous system and is ideal for those who are feeling tense and are in need of relaxation, this treatment also helps those who are feeling sluggish and want to feel energised. 

Click the link below for prices and further services that I provide.






Note -  May 2021 

This area is currently under development.

 Please check back later.



Self-Work Guides




The Old Bank, Eyre Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, S45 9NS 


Telephone: 07413 613285







"Silverweb is a lovely place. And everyone there is warm, and welcoming. It is a place where you feel safe and loved. There are no judgmental people and you are seen for the person you are, You can simply be your unique self.It sure is a feel good place. 

There are lots of therapies and treatments on offer, something for everyone, And Everybody is helpful and very supportive and encouraging.

 Once you have been the once you will sure go back again!"

Meg N


"Absolutely amazing place with the most wonderful people!! Such a variety of things on offer which have all been fab and helped me so much on my journey."

Charlotte M


"Lovely place. Full of warm, friendly clients and practitioners. A variety of holistic therapies available to suit everyone needs. Highly qualified staff who are caring, yet professional and supportive. Countless workshops offered every month which are both colourful and varied. A great place to work and play xxx"

Julia F


"What a great centre, attended a workshop today with my son, so many different therapies to choose, completely relaxed atmosphere and a great vibe. I'll be back."

Jo K

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