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Healing in the Heart of Derbyshire


"The Place Where People Just Get You !"

We are a thriving spiritual community in the heart of Clay Cross where we offer a friendly, relaxed, nurturing space for you to flourish in. Our centre is a place of empowerment and acceptance where our expertise and experience can help you achieve your goals. At our centre we offer holistic therapies, unique workshops and training from well established practitioners. We invite you to come along to soak up the energy, recharge, join in the fun and laughter, and share in the positive space with like minded people.


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New Moon Empowerment Circle

Held every month, on or as close to the New Moon, these empowerment circles are a place of community in which to grow and be supported as you move towards more self acceptance, self love, self worth and grow in confidence to be the person you truly want to be. They are a place to reclaim your power.

Working with the cycles of the 13 moons of the year, each circle includes meditation, positive mindset building, in depth moon chat and offerings and activities around the subject matter of the month.


Held in person or via Zoom

Tel - 07413613284




Full Moon Goddess Circle

Held every month, on or as close to a Full Moon, the goddess circles are an exploration of the divine feminine within you. They are a place to weave your magic, come grow who you have hidden from the world by learning to let your light shine high and your roots grow deep.

Every month is an exploration of a particular goddess and the tree associated with each moon, as we journey through the 13 moons of the year. By moving through each cycle we begin to sync with our own selves deeply and rise higher than we ever have before.


Held in person or via Zoom

Tel - 07413613285




Quite simply put numerology is the study of numbers and the significance they have on you and the world around you. Numerology can help you understand who you are, what your unique skill set is and how to use that to reach your full potential.

By the end of the day you will be able to -

*Draw up your own blueprint

*Know what the core numbers are, their importance and how to work them out

*Know what karmic lessons are, the spiritual and practical application of them and how they come into play

*Learn about maturity, growth and challenge numbers and the effect they have in your life

* Learn about your essence

* Know how to spot karmic debt

*Understand the importance of the birth name and when and why to make exceptions

*Appreciate your quirks and challenges with a look at your sub elements

*Create your Life Path Statement

* Have a deeper appreciation of yourself and what you are here to achieve

* Understand what will make your energy rise and fall and how you can grow as a person

* Appreciate the gifts and skills you have to draw on

Also included is a comprehensive Numerology manual, giving you step by step instructions on how to do your blueprint, which includes everything you learn in person, so that you can create blueprints for your loved ones at home.

Cost of the day: £40

Tel - 07413613285


Advanced Numerology

Advanced Numerology takes you further into the study of your blueprint to look at the secret self, whether changing your name is beneficial or not and the significance of this change, the relationships you have with others and more.

This one day course is aimed at all students who have completed the basic numerology class with myself. If you haven't covered this yet but would like to, please get in touch as the basic numerology can be run for individuals or small groups during the week, daytime or evening.

The cost of the day is £40

To book your place and find out how to pay please get in touch via email - healixtherapies@gmail.com

Or call/text - 07413613285


Reiki Development & Share

Come along to the Silver Web Holistic Centre and enjoy a day of Reiki. This is open to all Reiki practitioners no matter your level or lineage.

What the day will involve:

10am - Meet, greet and brews

10.15am - Meditation

10.45am - A look into and practice of energy techniques beneficial to you and your Reiki practice.

12.30pm - Shared lunch (everyone to bring along a yummy dish to share with the group)

1.30pm - Reiki swap and refreshments

3.30pm - Closing meditation

Cost: £15

There are only 8 places available for this day so please get in touch asap to book. All payments can be made via bank transfer or paypal (although if choosing paypal it will include a £1 additional cost).


I have been teaching and practising Usui Reiki for a number of years, it is truly my passion. More importantly i love to help others empower themselves with their Reiki practice regardless of origins (Karuna, Angelic, Drum Reiki etc).

Get in touch to find out how these Reiki share and development days can help you.

healixtherapies@gmail.com or call/text 07413613285 


 Crystal Roots

Experience a journey of connection to your soul and subtle bodies while working with the Earth and her guardians the Trees and Crystals. Come on a day of discovery, feel the power of crystals through mandalas and nets, work with the wisdom of the trees through essence, mantra and meditation.

This day is a self healing journey back to our roots. Experience an acceptance and release of what no longer serves you with the help of the Earth and her guardians.

Reconnect to source and the creative force within. Awaken once again to the call of Mother Earth.

On the day you will:

- Learn about the qualities and spirit medicine of the particular tree we will be working with.

- Learn how to work with the set of crystals for this tree.

- Learn and experience the benefits of crystal nets and 


- Work directly with the tree essence.

- Re-balance with colour and mantra.

- And create crystal chakra mandalas


The cost of this wonderful day is £60

A £25 deposit is needed to secure your place, payable by bank transfer. 


Crystal Roots is a wonderful collaboration with Tami Stokoe Holistic Therapies, the Web's crystal lady & Jody of Healix Therapies, the Web's essence lady.


*Deposits are non refundable if you are unable to attend. Deposits will only be refunded if we have to cancel for an unforeseen event and we can not arrange a new date.

 Contact us to find out more silverwebholistic@gmail.com



Terms & Conditions

 Click here for our terms of business and cancellation policy




Usui Reiki Training 

Reiki is my passion, I love the fact that there is a tool, or way of life really, that can bring so much love, support and balance into your life and it is available to everyone. 

You don't have to follow the Reiki path just to go into the Holistic Therapies business but rather because you want to help yourself. 

Reiki awakens us up to the fact that we are all beautiful and that we are all worthy of self love. When we give ourselves the space to grow, that is when the magic truly begins to happen.

I am an experienced Usui Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, energy worker and teacher of spiritual practices and have been for many years. Each course is kept small to insure a friendly, relaxed learning environment to promote exploration of the self and learning tailored around the individual's needs. The days will run from 10am until 4pm approx but please allow for run over if the need arises, timings will be stuck to where possible.



Please contact me to find out dates, how to book your place and pay your £50 non refundable deposit.

*Deposits are non refundable, if you are unable to attend, we can defer your deposit for a later date. Deposits will only be refunded if I have to cancel for an unforeseen event and cannot arrange a new date.

Usui Reiki Level One

Over this three-day course you will learn the history of Reiki and the importance of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and their teachings. 

You will learn how to be Reiki, to give to yourself, friends and family, how to deepen your connection to yourself and develop spiritually.

Reiki is a personal journey not just a holistic therapy, through this course you will learn the importance of self love and care with self healing practices.

The three days will involve meditation, practical, theory, self work, partnered work and attunement.

Upon completion you will receive certification and a fully comprehensive manual.

Cost of training £200

Usui Reiki Practitioner Training

Over this three-day course you will take a deeper look into Usui, his teachings, techniques and how to use them for your own wellbeing as well as in a Reiki session for clients, friends and family. 

We will look into symbols and mantras as a focus, experience the attunement process and work on distance healing.

You will travel further into self healing and we will discuss, put into practice and bust the myths and fears of becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

The three days will also involve spiritual practices, theory, practical, self discovery, self healing, case studies, plus partner and group work.

The cost of training is £300

The course comes with full certification and a comprehensive manual upon completion for which you are then insurable as a Reiki Practitioner.

Usui Reiki Facilitator Training

Over the course of the three days training we will look into the responsibilities of a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher. You will learn how to utilise all of your knowledge and skills and continue your self-healing journey.

You will receive your final Attunement, learn the attunement and empowerment process, learn how to deliver a Reiki course and receive help and advice on creating your own manuals. 

The three days will involve practical, theory, spiritual practices, discussion, self discovery, self healing, meditation, case studies and partner work.

The cost of training is £300

This course comes with full certification and a comprehensive manual upon completion for which you are insurable as a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher.



Munay-ki is the way of the heart, the way of the hearth (earth). It is the practice of becoming, moving towards the best version of yourself through self love. 

It has nine rites of initiation (nine rituals or techniques) to help you move from a life of scarcity to grace, to help you become the best version of yourself, to manifest and create the life you want and live from a place of love.

When we come from a place of love we help others to create their best life too, a life that is heart centred and earth centred. We live for the betterment of all not just the few.

Munay-Ki literally means 'I love you'. It is based around Peruvian Shamanic practices and was gifted to the west by the Laika.

Working with the aura (luminous energy field) we can create the life we want, this then informs the body of the changes we would like to make. Once we see that it can be a possibility we believe it and begin to make the changes that are necessary.

Just like in the practice of Reiki, you are encouraging yourself to live from the best version of yourself.

There are nine rites of initiation in the Munay-ki and once all are received you are able to pass them along to others yourself.

 The first three days of training focus on the first four rites - 

Foundation Rites

Keyword for these rites is - Possibility

The foundation rites help you accept what is, so that you may step in to who you truly are and manifest the life you want.

Rite One - The Healers Rite

Awakening the healer within to release old wounds from our own lives and that of our ancestral heritage.

Rite Two - The Bands of Power

Embracing and working with the five elements so you can strengthen and empower yourself. Resulting in a new way of dealing with and reacting to negative experiences. You are protected.

Rite Three - The Harmony Rite

Working with the seven Andean medicine archetypes and the chakra system to assist you into being the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life. Balancing and harmonising your body, energetic system and your interactions in this world.

Rite Four - Seers Rite

Awakening the inner seer and learning to live from the heart. Allowing greater clarity and knowing into the experience of and reading of energy.


Manual and certification upon completion.



The Lineage Rites and Rites of the Time To Come


Now the foundation rites have been established and you are prepared and strengthened, you are now in a position to take the next step in the Munay-Ki process.


The Lineage Rites

These rites give you the opportunity to develop your connection further as you step into your role as a steward of the earth.


Rite Five - The Daykeeper's Rite

Working with the Divine Feminine you will be called to work as an Altar Keeper, reconnecting you to the feminine principles of creation, helping you to heal your own inner feminine and step beyond fear and embrace peace.


Rite Six - The Wisdomkeeper's Rite

Working with the Divine Masculine you will be called to protect the medicine teachings of the Munay-ki, to heal your inner masculine and honour the masculine within.


Rite Seven - The Earthkeeper's Rite

This rite sets your spirit free so that you may dream your world into being, connecting you deeply to the earth and helping you to become aware of your part in this world and how you can help further. This rite strengthens your connection to your guides, archangels and more.



The Rites Of The Time To Come


Rite Eight - Star Keeper's Rite

This rite anchors you and connects you to the energy of who you are becoming. You agree to become a steward of the time to come for future generations.


Rite Nine - Creator/Spirit Rite

Awakening the light within you are connected to the divine. This rite is powerful, profound and sacred. Once you begin to understand the true nature of your being it enables you to co-create your life experience to one that benefits not only yourself but all those around you. This is the final rite and enables you to pass on the Munay-ki teachings to others.



You will receive all five rites over the course of three days and be provided with manual and certification upon completion.

Upon completion of all nine rites you will be able to pass along the rites yourself.


I require a £50 non refundable deposit to secure your place. If in the event of unforeseen circumstances on my part your deposit will be refunded or used as a deposit for a future date. In the event of unforeseen circumstances on your part and you are unable to attend the deposit can be used as a deposit for a future event within 6 months of the cancelled date.


I am an experienced spiritual and holistic practitioner working in this field for over a decade. My passion is fostering self belief and self love in my one to one clients and students. We all have great potential and it is my job to help you embrace that and live the best life you can by stepping into your true being.

To discuss your Munay-ki journey please get in touch via phone 07413613285 or email healixtherapies@gmail.com


Womb Blessing - 13th Rite

You are welcome to join me, on this transformative day, in circle to release your fears and pain, to find the sacred divine feminine within and encourage her to take flight as we spend the day re-igniting the flames within, coaching our inner phoenix to rise from the ashes.

As the Munay-Ki teachings came down from the mountains to be shared, the Rite of the Womb came from the Amazon jungle.

There is a lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering. This lineage of women wants us to remember: The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is a place to create and give birth to life and our passions.

Over the course of the day together we will explore our inner Goddess and find the hidden gems through group work, meditation, oracle card work, the 13th rite and more.

"From avoiding at all cost women's groups to be lucky enough to fall on your Thursday night group of beautiful souls where from the start, and not knowing anyone, I felt right at home.

The womb blessing, where normally I'd have done a u- turn and said sorry I can't make it, after only the shortest period of time it was obvious I'd actually found a group of women where trust is honoured and it's safe to say and be.

The womb blessing was on another level, powerful precious time spent with the most amazing women."

L Gibson

The day can be intense, a deep dive into forgotten places, resurfacing old wounds to be dealt with, cathartic, energising, empowering and above all healing. You will leave different from when you arrived. You will leave with a group of supportive women who have your back and are there to support you as you fly.

If this sounds like something that you need, is calling to you in some way, sign up, come along. I guarantee you won't regret it.

The cost of the day is £50

£30 to those who have already attended the 13th Rite before.

Upon completion of the day you will receive a manual and certification so that, if you choose to, you can pass the 13th Rite along to others.

I require a £20 non refundable deposit a week before the day of the 13th Rite.

When you sign up you will be added to a group chat to discuss preparation for the day.

Call 07413613285 or email healixtherapies@gmail.com to book





Hi I'm Jody from Healix Therapies

I'm a Soul Coach and I'm here to help you shine, to be your true self, the beautiful being you were born to be.

I help facilitate change, whenever a client feels stuck or lost. Whether this occurred through career, relationships or a traumatic event. I'm here to safely guide you through this process so you come out shining and living from your fullest potential.

I want you to know you are important, that it is ok to take up space, to shine, to be confident.

When we live from our true self we all become guardians for a better world. We all deserve to live joyful, heart centred lives. 


 Mobile - 07413613285

Email - healixtherapies@gmail.com



 Hey, I’m Tami ‘The Crystal Diva’ of the Silver Web team. My role is to sprinkle shimmering sparkly crystal energy one person at a time.

I will help you to realise, where you are on your journey and how you move forward. Booking a session with me, you are investing in yourself, you are saying ‘I’m worth it’ ‘I matter’ and ‘I want more’

I will help you realise your dreams, put power behind your goals and help you set intentions. I will support you by reading your energy, reminding you how great you truly are. Sessions of Crystal Chakra Balancing, Colour Reiki, Usui, Karuna or Angelic Reiki can all be tailored to suit your needs, mixed and matched like a pic and mix for the soul.




Bosko  Nedunilam Joseph

Abhyanga is a classic full body treatment using lots of warm organic  oil. It nourishes and de-stresses the body, stimulating marma points (pressure or energy points) helping improve energy flow and clearing stagnation throughout the body. This is a fully grounding treatment that pacifies the nervous system and is ideal for those who are feeling tense and are in need of relaxation, this treatment also helps those who are feeling sluggish and want to feel energised. 

Click the link below for prices and further services that I provide.






Note -  May 2021 

This area is currently under development.

 Please check back later.



Self-Work Goodies



The Old Bank, Eyre Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, S45 9NS 


Telephone: 07413 613285






"Silverweb is a lovely place. And everyone there is warm, and welcoming. It is a place where you feel safe and loved. There are no judgmental people and you are seen for the person you are, You can simply be your unique self.It sure is a feel good place. 

There are lots of therapies and treatments on offer, something for everyone, And Everybody is helpful and very supportive and encouraging.

 Once you have been the once you will sure go back again!"

Meg N


"Absolutely amazing place with the most wonderful people!! Such a variety of things on offer which have all been fab and helped me so much on my journey."

Charlotte M


"Lovely place. Full of warm, friendly clients and practitioners. A variety of holistic therapies available to suit everyone needs. Highly qualified staff who are caring, yet professional and supportive. Countless workshops offered every month which are both colourful and varied. A great place to work and play xxx"

Julia F


"What a great centre, attended a workshop today with my son, so many different therapies to choose, completely relaxed atmosphere and a great vibe. I'll be back."

Jo K

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